About Us

About the Buffalo Police Department

The primary mission of the Buffalo Police Department is to improve the quality of life in the City of Buffalo.

To accomplish this mission, the following values must be the basis for all of our actions:


The Buffalo Police Department recognizes that its members are its greatest asset, and our actions shall reflect this belief. The members will respect the citizens and recognize their ethnic and cultural diversity. We will respect each other as professionals and fellow human beings.


We believe in the principles embodied in the Constitution. We recognize the authority of federal, state and local laws. Honesty and truth must be the standards in all our interactions with the community and with our members.


We will strive for personal and professional excellence, dedication to duty and the delivery of quality service to the public. We are part of a team dedicated to the safety and protection of our community. Our actions will reflect intelligence, sincere, efficient and courteous service.

The goals embodied in our mission statement can only be obtained through the cooperative effort of the Police department and the community. By working together we can maintain the peace, provide safety and security for our citizens and reduce the fear of crime and solve the problems facing our community.

The members of the BPD are dedicated professionals, consisting of over 800 sworn and non-sworn men and women who reflect the diversity of the community in which they work. “To Protect and Serve” is our motto and our officers continue to perform at the highest level of professionalism.