Homicide Squad

The Buffalo Police Department is committed to providing the citizens of Buffalo with professional and comprehensive investigations. Our Homicide Squad serves as the lead investigative division for unattended deaths, suicides, industrial accidents and homicides in the City of Buffalo. You can contact the BPD Homicide Squad at 716-851-4466.

In the event that a loved one is the victim of a homicide, the following is what you can expect to occur.

Initial Response

  • You can expect complete professionalism and dedication from all homicide detectives.
  • The Buffalo Police Department cannot predict or guarantee results.
  • We cannot control when information or evidence becomes available.
  • We will never stop pursuing the case; there is no statute of limitations to homicides.


  • Immediately following a homicide, the lead investigators will attempt to contact the family of the victim. This notification should take no more than 24 hours from the time the victim's identity is established.
  • A District Attorney Victim/Witness Advocate will respond to the hospital where the victim has been taken. This advocate offers helpful resources and support to the family of the victim.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of homicide investigations, the detectives assigned to your loved one's case cannot answer all of your questions.
  • It is crucial for family and friends to share information with the Homicide Squad about the victim's history because it may be extremely important to the case.
  • Any of the victim's property that is not deemed evidence, will be returned to the family at the appropriate time.
  • If you move or change your phone number, please make sure you notify the detectives assigned to your loved one's case so they can maintain contact with you.

Media Reports

  • Please understand that media reports and interviews can affect an investigation and prosecution.
  • If family and/or friends choose to speak with the media, it is recommended that they focus on what the victim's loss meant to them and should not involve details of the investigation.
  • An arrest is merely a step in the investigation and necessary in the ultimate goal of a successful prosecution. The Homicide Squad still needs your cooperation to move the case forward - before, during and after the arrest.
  • We meticulously and thoroughly investigate all cases to ensure effective prosecution.
  • Since a case is built on legal requirements, recognized legal standards of investigation must be followed.
  • Witness availability, cooperation and truthfulness is critically important.
  • You can expect notifications when major developments occur and or arrests are made.

Solved Cases

  • The DA Victim/Witness Bureau Advocate will contact the family when arraignments and other court related proceedings occur.
  • Grand Jury proceedings are closed to the public and are confidential. If you are called to appear, your testimony is not to be divulged.
  • Trials can be long and grueling. The DA Victim/Witness Bureau Advocate will be able to provide support and resources during this time.

Unsolved Cases

  • People with any information regarding an unsolved homicide case, are asked to call the Buffalo Police Department confidential tip line at 716-847-2255.