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Buffalo Police Department Confidential Tip Line: 847-2255
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2014 Homicides

The City of Buffalo has had the following deaths ruled as homicides. Any information from the public in regards to these cases can be directed to the Buffalo Police Homicide Squad at 716.851-4466 or the Police Department's confidential TIPCALL hotline 716.847-2255. The cases are considered active, unless indicated otherwise.

NameDateLocation of IncidentMethodStatus
Yolanda Singletary1-1-14Genesee St & Michigan Ave.shotunder investigation
Dustin Ortiz1-5-14Newfield Streetshotunder investigation
Damario McCain1-27-14Reed Streetshotunder investigation
Damone Wiggins2-21-14East Delavanshotunder investigation
*Malik Evans2-22-14Guilford Streetshotcleared
Barrie Woods2-23-14Dewey Avenenueshotunder investigation
Brian Dombek3-4-14Sirret Streetblunt force traumacleared
Jeremy Thompson3-26-14Pleasant Placeshotunder investigation
Robert C. Bennett3-29-14C Streetshotunder investigation
Antoine Holt4-18-14Metcalfe & Lyman Streetshotunder investigation
Jason Ramirez5-2-14Schmarbeck Streetshotunder investigation
Ameer Al-Shamrmari5-3-14Amherst St. & Churchillstrangulationcleared
Joshua Beason5-6-14Hertel Avenueshotunder investigation
George Waddell5-9-14Brewster Streetstabbedcleared
Jacob Noe5-14-14Lovering Avenuestabbedcleared
Arthur Parsons5-28-14Mohr Avenueshotunder investigation
Deshawn White6-20-14St.Joseph Streetshotunder investigation
Victor Hernandez6-22-14Pershing Avenueshotunder investigation
Benjamin Sweetwine6-22-14Sumner Placeshotunder investigation
Vernon Reeves7-5-14Concord Streetstabbedunder investigation
Ivanilson Mendes7-6-14Wasmuth Avenueshotunder investigation

*The incident occurred on July 9th of 2011. Malik Evans passed away on February 22, 2014.