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Buffalo Police Department Confidential Tip Line: 847-2255
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2012 Homicides

The City of Buffalo has had the following deaths ruled as homicides. Any information from the public in regards to these cases can be directed to the Buffalo Police Homicide Squad at 716.851-4466 or the Police Department's confidential TIPCALL hotline 716.847-2255. The cases are considered active, unless indicated otherwise.

NameDateLocation of IncidentStatus
Arthur Walton1/12/12Roebling Avenueunder investigation
*Adrian L.Huggins Jr.1/8/12Wohlers Ave&Dodge St.cleared
Brian G. Chapman Jr.2/2/12Guilford Streetcleared
Fred Rozier2/9/11Deerfield Avenuecleared
Brad Daniels2/29/12Bardol Streetcleared
Anthony Pitts3/2/12Fillmore Avenuecleared
Abdifatah Mohamud4/20/12Guilford Streetcleared
Corddaryl Henley5/5/12Walden Avenueunder investigation
Mark Anderson5/7/2012Jefferson&E.Northunder investigation
Gary Joiner5/9/2012May Streetunder investigation
**Marquay Lee5/12/12Best Streetcleared
Samantha Cothran5/13/12Minnesota Avenueunder investigation
Shaquille Woods5/19/2012Massachusetts&Shieldscleared
Justin Miller5/19/2012Kilhoffer Streetunder investigation
Vernon Hardy5/22/1218th Streetcleared
Jacqueline Wisniewski6/13/12Grider Street,ECMCcleared
Marcus Bellamy6/16/12Eller Avenueunder investigation
Hassan Jabbar6/17/12East Ferry Streetunder investigation
Phillip Washington6/27/12Goemble Avenueunder investigation
Jeremy J. Lamar6/29/12West Delavan near Main St.under investigation
Darrell Anderson7/1/12Goodyear Avenuecleared
Darren Brown7/6/12Colvin Avenuecleared
***John Richard7/15/12Walden Avenueunder investigation
Darryl McDavis7/18/12East Ferry&Stevens St.cleared
Dominique Cotton7/22/12Davidson Streetunder investigation
Jose Rivera7/31/12West Avenueunder investigation
Roderick Geiger8/1/12Esser Avenuecleared
James Henley8/19/12Delaware Avenueunder investigation
****Jeremy Thomas8/22/12Sumner Placecleared
Walter Davison8/26/12Carl Streetunder investigation
Quincy Balance8/30/12Northland Avenuecleared
Samuel Gamblin9/8/12Person Streetunder investigation
Ronald P. Wilson9/9/12Gerhardt Streetcleared
Jeremiah Cooper9/12/12West Avenueunder investigation
Jeremy Lott9/23/12Fillmore Avenuecleared
Michael Ballard Jr.10/5/12Woodlawn Avenuecleared
Josean Sanabria-Negron10/6/12Maryland Streetunder investigation
Roderick Peoples Jr.10/13/12Delaware Avenueunder investigation
Todd Pointer10/14/12Genesee St. & Jefferson Ave.under investigation
Barelle Harris10/16/12Goodyear Avenueunder investigation
Michael Foster10/23/12Courtland Avenueunder investigation
Rashiene Carson11/10/12Ontario Streetcleared
TBA11/10/12Heath Streetunder investigation
Richard J.Jemes11/22/12Jefferson Ave. & East Delavanunder investigation
Lewis V. Adams11/30/12Deer Streetunder investigation
Shameka Harris12/11/12Minnesota Avenueunder investigation
Joshua Eatmon12/11/12Minnesota Avenueunder investigation
Joseph Lester12/20/12Woodlawn Avenueunder investigation
Ahmed J. Coon12/27/12Mohr Streetunder investigation
* Incident happened on January 8th and the victim expired on January 19th.

** Incident happened on May 12th and the victim expired on May 15th.

***Incident happened on July 25th, 2010 and the victim expired on July 15th, 2012

****Incident happened on August 8th and the victim expired on August 22nd.