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2009 Homicides

The City of Buffalo has had the following deaths ruled as homicides. Any information from the public in regards to these cases can be directed to the Buffalo Police Homicide Squad at 716.851-4466 or the Police Department's confidential TIPCALL hotline 716.847-2255. The cases are considered active, unless indicated otherwise.

NameDateLocation of IncidentMethodStatus
Alexis Harper1/8/09Leroy Avenueshotcleared
Akia Burnell1/9/09Vermont Streetcleared
Chisha Hawkins1/18/09Dartmouth Ave.shotcleared
Vernard Miller1/18/09Dartmouth Ave.shotcleared
Clarence Jackson2/1/09Koons Ave.shot
Marlene Johnson2/17/09North Oak St.strangledcleared
Charles Brackett2/23/09Landon St.assaultedcleared
Antwane Hendrix3/1/09Fillmore Avenueshot
Juan Quinones3/18/09West Avenueshot
Myrtle Sauriol3/19/097th Streetshotcleared
Douglas Webster4/4/09Dodge and Wohlersshot
Julie Beavers4/18/09Genesee St.shot
Anglea Williams4/20/09Rother Avenueasphyxiationcleared
Robert C. Jackson425/09William St.shot
Steven Northrup4/29/09Isabelle St.shotcleared
James L. Toney5/2/09Broadwayshotcleared
Javon Jackson5/10/09Main  St.shotcleared
Deaira Hall5/12/09Millicent Avenueshotcleared
Christopher Dozier5/18/09Beiter Walkshotcleared
Kowat Rual6/9/09Buffalo River, Ohio&South Sts.strangled/blunt forcecleared
John Rockmore6/9/09West Delavan & Grant St.shot
Christian Portes6/13/09Maryland & Whitney Placeshot
Anthony Colon6/26/09Ullman & Roeschshot
David D. Price7/4/091st block of Schreck Ave.shot
Jamal Palmer7/4/091st block of Bissell Ave.shot
Markell Lewis7/9/09Crossman Avenueshot
Henry Figueroa7/10/09Whitney Placeshotcleared
Brandon Haugabook7/10/09Paderewski Dr & Townsend St.shot
Michael Mayfield7/22/09East Delavan & Moselleshot
Esteban Torres III7/26/09Rhode Island shot
Jamal T. Jones8/2/09Hutchinson & Thatcher Ave'sshotcleared
Andre Anderson8/3/09Pechham & Lombardshot
Joseph Lovett8/5/09Hirschbeck St.shot
Jamie Norton8/5/09Hirschbeck St.shot
*Edwin LaSalle7/31/09Auburn near DeWittshotcleared
Joseph Galioto8/11/09Niagara St.shot
**Eric Morrow8/11/09Auburn Avenue & West Ave.shot
Terrance Craig8/13/09Jefferson Avenueshotcleared
***Larry Crosland8/13/09William St.shotcleared
Shawn Kozma8/14/09Smith St.shot/blunt force
Raymond Paige8/22/09Burgard Pl. & Doat St.shotcleared
Ruben Tidwell8/26/09East Delavanshot
Jermaine Wilson9/6/09Weber Avenueshot
Charles Henderson9/20/09Bailey & Weckershotcleared
David J. Hyshaw10/9/09Fillmore Avenueshot
Demario Lawrence10/16/09Fargo Avenuestabbedcleared
Mister Rodgers10/24/09Genesee St. near Crossman shot
Demari Miller10/26/09Humason St.traumacleared
Shawn Wilson10/28/09Roma Avenueshot/stabbed
Jacob Herbert10/31/09Lisbon Avenuestabbedcleared
****Edward Battles11/13/09Minnesota Avenueshot
Ruel Cotto11/14/09Scaj. Bike Pathshotcleared
Terrance Thomas11/16/09Schutrum near Broadwayshot
Clifford Alexander11/19/09Davis Streetshot
Francois Mitchell11/23/09Walden Avenueshot
Milagros Rentas11/29/097th Streetstabbed
*****Edward Lewis12/4/09South Division St.shot
Jabril D. Harper12/16/09Roosevelt Parkshotcleared
Lekiesta Brown12/29/09Briscoe AvenueTBAcleared
Steven Santiago12/30/09Massachusetts & Plymouthshot

   *Edwin LaSalle was shot on July 31st, 2009.  He died on Thursday, August 6th at ECMC

 **Joseph Galioto was shot on Sept. 13th, 2008. He died on August 11th, 2009

 ***Larry Crosland was shot on August 12th, 2009.  He died on Thursday, August 13th at ECMC. 

****Edward Battles was shot on October 9th, 2009. He died  on Friday, November 13th at ECMC

*****Edward Lewis was shot in 1985. He died of those injuries on December 4th of 2009