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Buffalo Police Department Confidential Tip Line: 847-2255
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2007 Homicides

The City of Buffalo has had the following deaths ruled as homicides. Any information from the public in regards to these cases can be directed to the Buffalo Police Homicide Squad at 716.851-4466 or the Police Department's confidential TIPCALL hotline 716.847-2255. The cases are considered active, unless indicated otherwise.

NameDateLocation of IncidentStatus
Marquita Akins1/1/20071155 Jefferson Ave.
David Curry1/2/2007220 Shirley Ave.cleared
Erik P. Cook1/7/2007273 Woodlawn Ave.cleared
Kamal Razick1/16/200754 Hartman Ave.
Joseph H. Kuhn2/3/200744 Leamington Ave.
Jovan Kirkendall2/13/2007Orange St. @ High St.
Marvin Howard2/18/2007945 Elmwood Ave.cleared
Robert L. Luckey2/24/20071435 Main St.
Bernard Brooks3/4/20071055 Fillmore Ave.
Leonard Whitlock3/23/200798 Goembel St.cleared
Excell A. Cooley3/25/200723 Southampton St.
Monty Massimi4/3/2007924 Kenmore Ave.cleared
Terrence Lester4/6/2007117 Dunlop Ave.cleared
Terrence B. Smith4/13/200751 Sussexcleared
Mary T. McAllister4/18/2007148 Blaine Ave.cleared
Ernest K. Rodolph5/3/2007298 Spring St.
Paul Jenkins5/27/2007189 Delawarecleared
Carlos Osorio6/5/2007403 Vermont St.cleared
Donald Bernas6/14/200783 Mohr St.
Rose M. Piechocki6/14/2007446 S. Ogden St.
Joseph M. Ward6/14/2007585 E. Amherst St.
Vincent Fairfax6/22/2007125 Sprenger St.cleared
Christopher Parker6/27/2007230 Bird Ave.
Penaloza-Romero7/13/2007Massachusetts/Fargo Ave.cleared
Guy Sawyer7/14/2007210 Congresscleared
Abraham Carrasquillo7/15/2007363 Massachusetts Ave.cleared
Charlotte Moppins7/14/2007929 Fillmore Ave.cleared
Demario T. Nailor7/22/2007Bailey/Stockbridge Ave.
Rome Ward8/1/2007149 Townsend St.
Demario L. Burgess8/3/20072349 Niagara St.
Lacienega Medina8/16/200770 Comstockcleared
Liquori Mills8/18/2007454 Pearl St.
Michael Brennan8/22/2007460 Broadway
Rakeem Samuel8/22/2007E. Ferry St./Donovan Dr.cleared
Carter Hatch8/24/200714 Victoria St.cleared
Darnell Moore9/2/2007407 Grant St.
Devonte Murray9/7/2007E.Delavan near Courtlandcleared
Allen Stepney9/7/2007E.Delavan near Courtlandcleared
Larry Kemp9/23/200723 Warring Avenue
Michael McCrayer10/4/2007Moselle/East Ferry     
Larone Maddox10/4/2007Moselle/East Ferry
Justin Varner10/3/200789 Winspear
Jillian Flagg10/12/2007307 Northcleared
Frank Sciabarrasi10/14/2007770 Prospect cleared
Avery Stone10/18/2007133 Dewey
Dana Williams10/28/072261 Fillmore
Derell Henley11/6/2007880 Fillmorecleared
Corey Green11/12/2007820 Walden
Gerald Camann11/16/2007159 Baynes
Robert Hogue12/07/20072577 Bailey Avenue
George Hardy12/13/07Genesee/Rogers
Kevin Carter12/18/0719 Navel Avenue
Andrew Contrera12/16/07160 Winspear Ave.
Damian Henderson12/30/07Donovan Drive
Tyrone Oliver12/31/07355 Breckenridge