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Buffalo Police Department Confidential Tip Line: 847-2255
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Mayor Byron W. Brown
Commissioner Daniel Derenda

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2015 Homicides

The City of Buffalo has had the following deaths ruled as homicides. Any information from the public in regards to these cases can be directed to the Buffalo Police Homicide Squad at 716.851-4466 or the Police Department's confidential TIPCALL hotline 716.847-2255. The cases are considered active, unless indicated otherwise.

NameDateLocation of IncidentMethodStatus
Dekhym Reese1-19-15Ontario Streetshotunder investigation
Shaquilla Coston2-1-15Northumberland Ave.strangulationcleared
Lenora Tyes2-10-15Dodge Streetblunt force traumacleared
Diane Demps3-5-15Dodge Streetblunt force traumacleared
Kevin Green4-27-15Dewey Avenueshotunder investigation
Raekwon Jabbar5-4-15Roosevelt Avenueshotunder investigation
Darryl Clark5-12-15Cambridge Avenueshotunder investigation
*Patrick Dennis6-1-15Peck Streetblunt force traumaunder investigation
Deon'Dre Smith6-6-15Sherman Streetshotcleared
Alonzo Scott6-6-15Warren Avenueshotunder investigation
Jason Hiscutt6-13-15Reiman Streetvehicularcleared
Javon Fogan6-15-15Stevens Streetshotunder investigation
James Roseboro7-4-15Winslow Avenueshotunder investigation
Daquawn Griggs7-5-15Montana Streetshotunder investigation
Curtis Smith,Jr.7-22-15Box Sstreetshotunder investigation
Glendyln Kinnitt7-24-15Riley Streetshotunder investigation
Jose Lanzot8-5-15Vermont Streetshotunder investigation
James McCloskey8-17-15Arkansas Streetshotcleared
Timothy Goodwin8-30-15Crossman Avenueshotcleared
Juan Ortiz-Santiago9-1-15Niagara Streetshotunder investigation