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Shopping Safety Tips

With the start of the holiday shopping season, Buffalo Police want to remind shoppers of some important safety tips:

  1. NEVER leave any packages in your vehicle in plain sight. Always put them in your trunk BEFORE you get to your next destination. For example: If you have a number of packages from one store, put them in your trunk BEFORE you arrive at the next store, restaurant, etc. DON'T put your packages in the trunk AFTER you arrive because someone could be watching.
  2. NEVER leave any personal items in your vehicle in plain sight. This includes money(even loose change), credit cards, cell phones, purses and GPS Units. Police advise you to remove the GPS unit and if necessary, take it with you. That includes even the suction cup, if that can be removed.
  3. ALWAYS park in lighted areas. Do NOT park in remote areas.
  4. NEVER leave doors unlocked or windows open.
  5. ALWAYS leave yourself extra time. By giving yourself extra time, you'll be able to remind yourself of these basic shopping safety tips.
  6. If you see anything suspicious, call 911.