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BPD Clear Driver in White Lexus Case

After a thorough investigation by detectives, that included the Erie Crime Analysis Center, Video Surveillance Center, District officers, and detectives from the Sex Offense Section and the Intelligence Unit, Buffalo police have cleared the driver of the white Lexus of any wrongdoing in the reported incidents.

The Lexus is in possession of its owner, who loaned the vehicle to the driver for a short time.

Detectives say the driver of the vehicle cooperated fully with the police investigation in connection wit the incident on October 1st on Connecticut Street. His statement was corroborated by video obtained in the course of the investigation.

A woman passenger in the Lexus on October 1st was outside, in the vehicle and had an encounter with a 16 year-old female. Police say the woman passenger appeared to be intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Police are still attempting to identify that woman, but based on statements, she is suspected to have left the area.

After extensive investigation by police, the other incidents appear to be non-criminal in nature, and were part of the tremendous amount of public assistance and cooperation with the Department's investigation of the October 1st incident.

Buffalo police thank the residents for their help and remind them to report suspicious activity of this nature immediately.