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Suspect in 2010 Triple Shooting Faces Manslaughter Charges

A plea deal has been struck, in the homicide investigation of Joshua Korczykowski, who was killed on April 10, 2010.  Korczykowski was shot to death, and his 4 year old daughter as well as his brother in law were also struck by gunfire.  Pleading guilty to first degree manslaugher, is Gregory King Ward Shaw.  Shaw had fled the Buffalo area after the triple shooting, and was eventually tracked to the state of Georgia.

Homicide Detective Kevin T. Biggs, accompanied by Detective William Cooley of the US Marshal's Violent Felon Fugitive Squad were able to locate the suspect and question him, while he was the subject of a manhunt on other outstanding charges.  King Ward Shaw was returned to Buffalo recently, to answer the other charges, when a plea arrangement was made between his lawyer and the District Attorney's office.

Shaw is expected to be sentenced Judge Kenneth F. Case in Erie County Court, on January 11, 2012.

Korczykowski was in his vehicle with his daughter on Playter Street when the two were shot. His brother in law, Randy Zawadski was shot in the leg, as he was leaving a house on Playter Street. Police belived the weapon used in the triple shooting incident was an AK-47.

Homicide Squad Detective Mark J. Lauber, who is now retired, also assisted in the intial investigation.