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Mayor Brown Announces Donation To Buffalo Police Department

BUFFALO– Mayor Byron W. Brown today announced that the Hertel-North Buffalo Business Association, North Buffalo Community Center, Sorrento Cheese Italian Heritage Festival and the West Side Business and Taxpayers Association have donated a defibrillator to the City of Buffalo and Buffalo Police Department. This defibrillator is the third donated by the Hertel-North Buffalo Business Association in two years.

"I appreciate the generosity of the participating organizations to the Buffalo Police Department for the second time in two years," said Mayor Brown. "Defibrillators are designed to save lives in emergency situations and this donation will ensure that our police officers have the necessary equipment to respond to city residents in need of immediate cardiac care. Defibrillators save lives every year and I am sure that the quality of life of Buffalo residents will be improved because of this contribution."

The first two defibrillators were donated in February 2009. The first was designated for Buffalo Police Headquarters and the other was given to D-District, located on Hertel Avenue. The defibrillator donated today was given to the Buffalo Police Department B-District, located on Main Street in downtown Buffalo.

"We are extremely grateful to all of the organizations for the defibrillator at B-District," said Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda. "B-District is our largest district and this donation will be significant in our response to cardiac care issues in downtown Buffalo. The two devices we received in 2009 have been valuable to the officers at Buffalo Police Headquarters and D-District, and we are appreciative that B-District has been provided with the same resource."

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are devices based on computer technology and designed to be used by lay persons in emergency situations. The defibrillator donated to B-District was funded by proceeds from the Sorrento Cheese Italian Heritage Festival and is worth $1,700.

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