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BPD Make Connection in Phone Store Robbery

Some astute police work by Northwest District officers has led to the arrest of two suspects involved in the armed robbery of a phone store in the city's Riverside section.  Buffalo police say the incident happened just after 7:30pm, Wednesday night, February 2nd at the Cricket Store, located at 744 Tonawanda Street.

Police say two teenage suspects were involved, a male and female - with the female accused of setting up the robbery.  Police believe that 16 year old Micquella M. Eaton of Buffalo, "cased the store" before walking out, as her gun-wielding accomplice entered.

The store's clerk was robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash.

"The responding officers were able to make the connection - that both youths were involved in the phone store robbery.  Thanks to the recent snow, the officers were then able to track one of them down, not a long distance from the store," said Dennis J. Richards, chief of detectives.
Police officer Robert W. Yeates,  followed a set of footprints from the store, which led to a home in the 100 block of Ontario Street.  The female suspect was taken into custody, and a pistol grip, pump action shotgun was recovered.

A short time later, following up on leads, officers located the second suspect, 16 year old James L. Rucker of Buffalo.  He was at a home in the 300 block of Vermont Street.

Both suspects were booked on a first degree robbery charge by Yeates and Officer Thomas F. Sercu.

Northwest District Lt. Michael A. March recovered cash apparently taken in the robbery - in Rucker's sock.  Officer James M. Hacker recovered the shotgun and Detective Carl A. Lundin was continuing the investigation.