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Fake 911 Call Turns into Arrest

Buffalo police have arrested an individual in connection with a fake call in an apparent attempt to lure authorities away from a drug deal.

The incicdent happened Sunday, October 17th, just before 3:30pm at a deli located in the 200 block of Ontario Street.

Northwest District officers arrested 25 year old Michael Kemp of Buffalo and charged him with: Falsely Reporting an Incident, Unlawful Possession of Marijuana and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Police say they observed the illegal drug sale at the deli.

A few minutes later, a 911 call was dispatched of a shooting at Riverside Park.

Officers outside the deli anticipated this might be an attempt by the drug dealers to divert them away from the scene.

Officers at the deli stayed put and allowed other officers to clear what turned out to be a fake call at Riverside Park.

Police then entered the store on a hunch that the drug dealers who made the fake call were still inside.

After entering the deli, police found Kemp to be in possession of a cell phone.

After back-checking the cell phone number, a 911 dispatcher confirmed the fake 911 call of a shooting at Riverside Park, did in fact come from Kemp's cell phone.

Officers Donald Genovese, James Hacker and William Robinson all assisted in the arrest.