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Home » Press Releases » 2010 News Archive » Mayor Byron W. Brown Announces Creation of BPD Housing Unit

Mayor Byron W. Brown Announces Creation of BPD Housing Unit

BUFFALO – Mayor Byron W. Brown and the Buffalo Police Department today announced the creation of the new BPD Housing Unit.

Twenty-one Buffalo police officers will now oversee all policing and security issues involving the 27 Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority developments within the city and its nearly 12,000 residents.

“With the creation of this new housing unit in the Buffalo Police Department, we will increase our focus on public safety in and around the BMHA housing developments, which will contribute to reducing crime throughout the entire city,” said Mayor Brown.

Mayor Brown added, “Since 2006 through our Zero Tolerance anti-crime agenda, we have continued to implement programs and policies that have helped reduce overall crime in Buffalo. This is another effort that continues our commitment to reducing crime, apprehending anyone involved in criminal activity and improving our law abiding residents’ quality of life”.

The 21-person staff will consist of one captain, two lieutenants and 18 police officers.

The new unit has been in place since June 9th and already has made over 70 arrests.

Interim Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda said, “I believe the formation of the BPD Housing Unit is a more effective, efficient and pro-active way to improve public safety in and around the housing complexes”.

The BMHA will pay the city $650,000 a year to help defray costs for new housing unit.

“I believe this is the foundation to combat drugs, guns and gang issues within our 27 developments”, said BMHA Chairman, Michael Seaman.

Seaman continued, “The commitment of the BMHA Board of Directors and the financial investment they’ve made for security cameras and new lighting through out our complexes will assist the Buffalo Police Departments new unit to help fight crime”.

The new unit will be housed in the Perry Street Housing Complex, located at 312 Perry Street.

The mission of the unit beyond policing and security issues within the BMHA housing complexes is to work closely with the staff, council and residents of the housing authority.