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Safe Yields Over $83,000 in Cash

Buffalo police Mobile Response Unit officers obtained a search warrant and opened a safe which had been seized as evidence last week.

On June 12th, police arrested Michael L. Easley (4/21/82) of Weaver St., and Michael T. Brown (1/30/87) who listed a Broadway address, when responding to a burglary in progress at 98 French St. On that day, shortly after 11PM, officers observed Brown drop a safe to the ground.

Easley, when patted down by police and found to be wearing a gun holster ran from the officers. Police caught up with him, and recovered a loaded .38 caliber revolver nearby. Brown had a screwdriver/knife in his pocket and was charged with possession of burglar's tools.

The safe was recovered by investigating Officers Vernon K. Beaty and Clayborne Twitty and held as evidence. Police determined that the house was entered through a pried open window on the northside.

A man claimed the safe was his, but was not able to open it, could not say what was in it, and he could not prove ownership.

"You could say the safe was taken by police - for safekeeping," said Dennis J. Richards, Chief of Detectives.

Canine dog Konan, handled by Officer David Acosta detected a positive drug scent, and a search warrant was obtained from City Court Judge David Manz.

The safe was opened Saturday afternoon, June 20th, and the officers, assisted by Detectives Gary E. Teague and Richard W. Wagstaff have counted over $83,000 dollars cash.