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BPD Continue Relentless Attack on Gangs, Guns and Drugs in the City

Photo of drugs
1740hrs, executed a search warrant at 131 Gittere and seized about 3 lbs of marijuana and $5200.00 cash with two arrests.

Photo of guns
On 9/22/2008, MRU along with BPD SWAT executed a search warrant 252 Walden for drugs and weapons. Above are the total items seized during that time.

Sunday evening, April 5th, the Buffalo police SWAT Team and the Mobile Response Unit executed two search warrants on Buffalo's East side.

In the two raids: Buffalo police made 5 arrests, recovered two weapons, seized almost 4 lbs. of marijuana and over $6,000.00 in cash.

Authorities believe that the 5 individuals who were arrested may have been working together to package up the marijuana with the intent to sell it on the street.

"Information was developed by Mobile Response Unit officers, and further investigation led to search warrants being approved for these locations by Judge Michael D'Amico," according to Dennis J. Richards, chief of detectives.

Police raided homes on Gittere St., and Walden Avenue right around 5:30pm Sunday evening.

Arrested at 131 Gittere were: 21 year old Akbar A. Griffin and 26 year old Kahlil J. Griffin. The two are charged with criminal possession of marijuana in the 2nd degree. Police recovered approximately 3 pounds of marijuana in the basement of the home. Authorities also seized over $5,700.00 in cash.

Arrested at 252 Walden were: 20 year old Charles E. King of Goodyear Avenue, 20 year old Russelae Robinson of that 252 Walden Avenue address and 18 year old Rachel Nataro of Rand Avenue. All three were charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm and criminal possession of a weapon. Police recovered a Charter Arms .38 caliber revolver, which was loaded. The handgun was tossed from a window in the house, as police were conducting the raid. Also recovered at this location was a loaded Mossberg pistol grip shotgun and just over $500.00 in cash.

"Over three hundred search warrants have been conducted in the city this year, to date, with the intent to disrupt the distribution of drugs, and to get these dangerous weapons off the streets," Richards said. Last September, at the same Walden Avenue location, police had recovered three weapons, as well as cash and illegal narcotics. "Unfortunately, we are returning to some of the same houses, finding some of the same conditions," Richards said.

In the previous 2 years, over 2,000 search warrants were executed in the city. From 2006 to 2008, the homicide rate in the city dropped by 50 percent.

Sunday's search warrants were led by MRU Detectives Gary E. Teague and Richard Wagstaff, assisted by the members of the state police assigned through Operation Impact.