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Buffalo Police Department Confidential Tip Line: 847-2255
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Tip Call Leads Directly to Suspect's Arrest

The Public, plus police, plus persistence, adds up to one more dangerous criminal out of circulation and one more gun off the streets. And in large part, it's all because more and more residents in the city of Buffalo are picking up the phone and providing Buffalo Police with tips when it comes to crimes. The latest example, came last Thursday, April 10th, when an anonymous citizen called the Buffalo Police confidential TIP CALL line, to alert them that a male might be selling drugs near the corner of East Delavan and Pansy. The call came to the tip line operator late that afternoon. Report Technician, Kathy Pods, who handles the calls to the tipline, quickly notified the appropriate district and the information was then broadcast on police radio. A short time later, just after 6 o'clock Thursday evening, Buffalo Police had arrested the suspect. "It shows that the system is working. In this situation, everybody played a key role in helping to apprehend the criminal," said report technician, Kathy Pods.

As police arrived on the scene, the suspect took off. But after a short foot chase, Officers Thomas Stroehlein and Santos Diaz, caught up with the individual. Police arrested 20 year old Kyle Alexander of Buffalo and charged him with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest and other charges. "Thanks to the information provided by the tipster, the suspect was located. Running away from the police only compounded his crime of having an illegal, defaced weapon," said Chief of Detectives Dennis J. Richards.

The end of this month will mark the two year anniversary, since the inception of the confidential TIP CALL line. Each day, each week, each month, authorities say they're seeing more-and-more calls to the tipline.

"The TIP CALL line has been very active, and this one example illustrates just how effective the information from the public can be. Examples like this demonstrate our common goal of ridding the streets of guns and drugs. We welcome information on any criminal conduct, including homicide and narcotics tips," Richards said.

Since the beginning of this year, there have already been over 1,200 calls to the TIP CALL line. Pods estimates she gets about 25 to 30 calls a day including the ones left on voicemail.

The TIP CALL line works this way. First off, tip call, translates to the tip call number, which is 847-2255(TIP-CALL). From 8am to 4pm during the week, the tip call line is staffed by Kathy Pods. She will personally take your call and the tip information, but she will never ask you for your name, address or other personal information. ALL calls are anonymous. Also as important, you can e-mail a tip to Buffalo Police by going to the department's website at On the homepage, you'll see the section: Report a Tip.

"Our command staff has long heard from the community that they don't want to get involved - or can't - for fear of retribution. The TIP CALL phone line gives the caller the anonymity they desire, while still giving the police important information to act upon, in order to investigate criminal conduct," Richards said.

Report Technician Pods added: "I have the basic telephone in the TIP CALL office, meaning NO caller I.D." Pods also added that some people will give their names but most want to remain anonymous.

Buffalo Police want to stress that if anyone witnesses a crime in progress, they should immediately call 9-1-1 and not the TIP CALL line. The TIP CALL line should be used for information regarding crimes that have already been committed. For example, someone may have a tip on a robbery or shooting that might be very helpful to police. The TIP CALL line should also be used for what appears to be a consistent pattern of possible "illegal" activity in your neighborhood. At night or on the week-ends, or if the call taker is on another line, an incoming call automatically go to voice-mail. Whatever information is provided by the caller, is disseminated to the appropriate district or office.

The confidential TIP CALL line was established by Mayor Byron W. Brown and is one reason that Buffalo Police say crime, especially violent crime, continues to fall in the city. Violent crime in the last two years has dropped 12 percent. Mayor Brown said, "The confidential TIP CALL line has been an instrumental tool in my administration's Zero Tolerance Law Enforcement initiative. We remain committed to eradicating crimes such as illicit drug trafficking and the TIPCALL line is one more way that the public and police can work together to make it happen." Police Commissioner H. McCarthy Gipson said, "Citizen participation is a critical component of the law enforcement function. The citizens serve as the eyes and ears of the police department. The tipline serves as a conduit to assist the public in relaying information to the Buffalo Police Department. Gipson added, "That information can be anonymous if so desired, thus allowing the individual to feel a sense of freedom in providing information they believe will assist in the elimination of criminal conduct. This flow of information has helped fuel our current drop in violent crime. My heartfelt thanks goes all to all of the citizens of Buffalo who have helped us in our efforts."

And once again the confidential TIP CALL line is 847-2255 or you can e-mail a tip to the Buffalo Police Department at