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Home » Press Releases » 2008 News Archive » BPD Urge Delivery Drivers to take Safety Precautions

BPD Urge Delivery Drivers to take Safety Precautions

Buffalo Police are urging fast food delivery restaurants to take extra precautions due to a recent rash of robberies regarding delivery drivers. Buffalo Police have already arrested at least four suspects in connection with the rash of delivery driver robberies but police want to make sure that store owners, managers and drivers are aware of the recent attacks. Another robbery of a pizza delivery driver happened last night around 9:15pm on Race St. In that incident, the driver was robbed at gunpoint by two armed assailants. The suspects made off with an undisclosed amount of cash and food.

On Wednesday evening, March 19th, at around 9:30pm, Buffalo Police arrested three suspects after a delivery driver was robbed on Zelmer Street. The three suspects were apprehended a short time later by C District Police at a house on Sattler Street. All three suspects have been arrested and charged with first degree robbery.

The recent robberies have occurred in different parts of the city including the East Side, North Side and Riverside area. Police are asking fast food delivery restaurants to take precautions, including:

  • Ask for a call back number when taking orders and then verify that number.
  • Drivers should be aware of their surroundings.
  • If a delivery address appears to be vacant, drivers should not exit their vehicles. They should leave the area immediately and contact police.
  • Avoid areas that are not well lit.
  • As much as possible, avoid late night deliveries
  • Most importantly, if something does not seem right or feel right about a delivery location, do not make the delivery.

Anyone with information regarding the recent rash of robberies involving fast food delivery drivers is asked to call the Confidential Tip Call Line at 847-2255.