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"Rookie" Officers Make Key Arrests

Four of Buffalo's newest police officers, combined to make four big arrests over the weekend. Just months on the job and the four are credited with arresting four suspects early Saturday morning on Buffalo's West Side. The four new police officers are former officers for the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority. They are Brian J. Britzzalaro, Robert E. Eloff, Richard P. Manley and Craig J. Leone. The new officers completed a refresher course in the police academy before hitting the streets in mid January, and being assigned to the downtown Central District.

And the four have obviously "hit" the streets running. The "rookie" police officers arrested four Buffalo men and charged them with multiple counts of criminal possession of a weapon. The incident began unfolding just after 4:30am Saturday morning in the 400 block of Elmwood Avenue. The four new hires were responding to a call of a man with a gun at the Sunoco Mini-Mart. A description of the suspects was broadcast by a police dispatcher and when the new officers arrived on the scene they found the suspects still in the store. One of the suspects tried to take off, but he was quickly tracked down by officers Eloff, Leone and Manley. The "rookies" not only arrested the four but also recovered two guns.

"Our department has benefited greatly with the addition of the former housing officers to the police force. They have strong backgrounds in law enforcement, and a wealth of experience. These four arrests are indicative of the professionalism of the officers involved," said Dennis J. Richards, chief of detectives.

Arrested and charged with criminal possession of weapons were: 24 year old David Encarncion, 24 year old Raymond Jeffery, 23 year old Michael Norris, and 24 year old Sherron D. Kye. The four also face possible robbery charges.