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Residents Help Police Solve Copper Caper

Two South Buffalo teenagers have been arrested after residents alerted Buffalo Police about an elaborate copper crime spee. A number of eyewitnesses notified "A" District Police Tuesday morning concerning two teenagers who were removing telephone poles on Ohio Street. The two apparently ripped down a number of the poles, stripped down the transformers and made off with the copper. Police estimate the two stole about 500 feet of copper wiring.

But it didn't last long thanks to some savvy residents in South Buffalo. After alerting Police, the two were arrested a short time later at a Louisiana Street address. 18 year old Daniel Dyson and 18 year old Keith Euscher were charged with numerous offenses including criminal possession of stolen property, burglary, grand larceny, and criminal trespassing. The two are scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in Buffalo City Court.

Police estimate the damage to the property to be around $2,000 dollars. Lt. Pat Roberts and Officers Jim Reese and Kevin Kennedy of "A" District arrested the two teens. Police want to thank the public for helping them in cracking this case. By alerting Police so quickly, they were able to track down the two suspects.

If you live in the South Buffalo area and see anything suspicious, please call "A" District Police at 851-4415. The general number for the Buffalo Police Department is 851-4444. Or you can email us with any information you might have at