Internal Affairs Division

The Internal Affairs Division is an arm of the Police Commissioner and is charged with the responsibility to monitor and maintain members' compliance with Departmental rules. Complaints that are investigated by Internal Affairs or the involved members' command are discussed with the Police Commissioner and appropriate Deputy Commissioner.


Anyone who files a complaint against a member of the Buffalo Police Department shall be treated with courtesy and respect. Not withstanding the fact that a complaint was filed, no member of the department shall fail to provide or continue to provide professional police service at all times to that individual.

A complaint may be filed with the Department in the following ways:

  • Go to any Police Department building and request to speak with a supervisor
  • Call the Internal Affairs Division at 716-851-4557
  • Write a letter to the Commissioner of Police at Police Headquarters:
    68 Court Street
    Buffalo, NY 14202

For more details, visit the Complaint Process page.